Verona  meravigliosa !
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                     Verona is fantastic: just a few steps and you are at a great Roman amphitheatre called the Arena, and you can imagine what its like to be a mighty gladiator walk on a bit further and you will get to the medieval Herb Square (Piazza delle Erbe) with its colourful market stalls and its stern, strange, and sometimes mysterious monuments. Not much further on is the entrance to the historical cathedral where you can learn ancient stories of saints and knights, and then if you keep going you will find yourself on the track of the two young lovers whose passionate story has moved the entire world to tears. The river Adige beckons you to follow its meanderings because there, within its arms it holds and protects the city of Verona.
Come and visit this fair city, and if you too are a kid, then this site, built especially for you, is the ideal place to start looking for all the useful information and precious secrets that a hardened traveller needs to know! Verona is a wonderful city.
Come and discover it with us, and you will be surprised at what you discover!