Sport Parchi e Giardini
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If you would need information regarding anything to do with sport then you can telephone the centre which is responsible for Sport and Free Time. Il Centro di Responsabilità Sport e Tempo Libero del Comune di Verona Tel 045.8102061 – 62.
If you have enough time to go for a good swim, or for a run, or to play a game of tennis then you can get further information from these centres:

Monte Bianco Swimming Centre (Centro Nuoto Monte Bianco) via Montebianco 16/A, Tel. 045.8922179.
Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 10.00 – 8.30pm; Sunday 10.00 – 1.30pm.
Two indoor swimming pools both for public use and for swimming lessons and water polo. Entry charge.
Belvedere Swimming Centre (Centro Nuoto Belvedere) via Montelungo 5, Tel. 045.8921058. Opening Times: Tuesday – Friday 10.00 – 2.00pm; Saturday 10.00 – 8.30pm; Sunday 10.00 – 1.30pm.
Two indoor swimming pools for public use and for swimming lessons. Entry charge .
Santini Swimming Centre (Centro Nuoto Santini) via Villa 2, Tel. 045.8350470. Opening Times: Monday- Friday 9.00 – 8.30pm; Saturday and Sunday 9.30 – 8.30pm; Entry charge.
“Giacomo Conti” Municipal Swimming Pool (Piscina Comunale “Giacomo Conti”) via Galliano, Tel. 045.563815. Opening Times: Monday – Friday 9.30 – 9.00pm; Saturday 9.30 – 8.00pm; Sunday 9.30 – 1.00pm. Entry charge.
Alle Grazie Swimming Pool (Piscina alle Grazie) via delle Grazie, Tel. 045.580919. Opening Times: Monday – Friday 9.30 – 7.00pm; Saturday 9.30 – 7.00pm; Sunday 9.10-1.30pm and 3.00 – 7.00pm. Entry charge.

Couver tennis via L. Fava 2, Tel.045.564022 (Monday – Friday, 9.00 – 9.00pm; Saturday 9.00 – 6.00) outdoor and indoor courts.
ToricelleTennis Club via Torricelle 2, Tel. 045.913724 (only outdoor courts)
San Giorgio Tennis If you would like to play right beside the river Adige, there is just one red clay outdoor court. Tel. 045.566060

Avesani Sports Association (Centro polisportivo Avesani) via Santini 72, Tel.045.8345277: if you want to go running there is a great athletics track with a view of the hills. No entry charge.
Health Running Trail (Percorso della Salute)
There are two easily-reached running trails: one is on the old city ramparts called the Bastioni di Spagna, while the other is on the nearby hills called the Torricelle.

CONI is the abbreviated name of the Italian Olympic Committee. (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano) in Via Steeb 13, Tel. 045.8008325

If you want to take some time to play, or to relax on the grass, then these are some of the options that Verona can offer. You can go to one of the city playgrounds which are open every day including weekends, although the opening times vary according to the season (in summer they close at lunchtime) Remember: if you are less than 11 years old then you must be accompanied by an adult!
The Arsenal Playground (Campo giochi dell’Arsenale) (piazza Arsenale), Tel. 045.918552. Completely fenced in and supervised with a special room for learning how to play, with specialised personnel. (9.00 – 5.00pm). Refreshments available, benches, drinking fountain and shady areas.
The Arsenal Parks (Giardini dell’Arsenale) Piazza Arsenale. Fenced in, traffic-free zone. Play area and places for walking, benches, shade, drinking fountain, refreshments available, parking (pay and display).
The Valdonega Playground (Campo giochi Valdonega) (via I. Nievo), Tel. 045.8348482. Good sized fenced in playground with a special room for learning how to play, with specialised personnel. (9.00 – 5.00pm) Refreshments available, benches, drinking fountain, shady areas and birds in cages for younger children.
The Corte del Duca Play Ground (Campo giochi Corte del Duca) (via S. Giovanni-via Borgo Tascherio) Large sized playing field in fenced in traffic-free zone, with benches, drinking fountain and shady areas. It is also possible to organise parties here.
Via Zenari Playground. (Parco Giochi Via Zenari) (via Zenari) Good-sized playground fenced-in and traffic free zone with benches, drinking fountain and shady areas.
The Dovecot Park (Parco delle Colombare ) (via Castel S. Felice) This is the biggest play area in Verona, with fountains and artificial grottos. It is a fenced-in and traffic-free area where you can also go for walks along paved avenues. Inside, there is a children’s playground with benches, shady areas, drinking fountains, refreshments available (including pizzas) and ample parking.
The Orti di Spagna Ramparts (Bastioni Orti di Spagna) (via Lega Veronese)This is an generously-sized fenced in and traffic-free area where you can also go for walks. There are benches, a drinking fountain and shady areas. There is ample parking in Via Colonel Galliano/Porta palio.
The Gardens at Juliet’s Tomb (Giardini Tomba di Giulietta) (via Da Porto-Lungadige Capuleti) This is a small garden containing tomb stones, situated inside the Fresco Museum, but open to the public. It is protected from traffic and has benches. Opening times: Monday 1.30 – 3.30pm: Tuesday – Sunday; 8.30 – 7.30pm.
The Piazza Brà Gardens. Piazza Brà. (piazza Bra) This is a paved zone with flower beds, benches, shady areas and drinking fountains.
The Gavi Arch Gardens (Giardino Archi dei Gavi) (corso Cavour) This is a small paved area with flower beds, and which looks over the river beside Castelvecchio, offering a magnificent view.
The Sunray Gardens (Giardini Raggio di Sole) (circonvallazione Raggio di Sole), Tel. 045.8034309.
Generaously sized fenced-in gardens protected from traffic and with paved walking areas, benches, drinking fountain and shady area. Internal supervised playground with a special room fro learning how to play, with specialised personnel. (9.00 – 5.00pm)
The St Peter’s Castle Gardens (Giardino di Castel S. Pietro) (Castel S. Pietro) Small traffic free garden with benches, shady areas, drinking fountain – part of the panoramic square. From the top of the hill you can walk down the steps as far as Ponte Pietra on the river.
St. Toscana Playground (Parco Giochi S. Toscana) (salita San Sepolcro-Porta Vescovo) This garden is protected from road traffic and has benches, a shady area, drinking fountain, basketball court, slides and games.
The Giusti Gardens (Giardini Giusti) via Giardino Giusti 2, Tel. 045.8034029 (winter 9.00 – 7.00pm; summer 9.00 – 8.00pm. Closed on Mondays. Entrance charge.) This is a private garden containing a labyrinth you can actually go through; various grottos and an enormous fire-spitting mask!
The Park along the Walls (Parco delle Mura) comprises various different grassy areas covering a total of more than 9 km stretching along the perimeter of the historical city centre and following the ancient and imposing urban fortified city walls of Verona. If you want to discover some of the secrets hidden in the walls, then contact the
Legambiente Volontariato Verona via Bertoni 4, Tel.045.8009686 , and someone could organise to accompany you on a pleasant and instructive walk beside the walls.
A fantastic view over the city!
To really appreciate a fantastic view we advise you to go to the Santuario Nostra Signora di Lourdes (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes) in Viale dei Colli 27. here, the panorama from the Torricelle hills overlooking the city of Verona is outstanding.
In verona there is also the Adige Park, a green area near the town, situated on the bank of the river.