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Si Alzi il Sipario!
The Filippini Theatre (Teatro Filippini) in Verona is aimed especially at kids of all ages, and it organises entertainments chosen from among its best children’s productions, such as Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and The Donkey’s Skin as well as many others to be included in it’s programme Family Theatre. The productions are organised by the AIDA Foundation, and the performances are held during the afternoons in Vicolo Dietro Campanile Filippini 1 in Verona. To find out more, phone 045.592709, or visit their site http://www.f-aida.it.
One thing you might like to know is that almost next door to the headquarters of the Aida Foundation there is an original Theatrical Library (Biblioteca Teatrale) dedicated to every aspect of the world of the theatre. Here you can find a wide selection of books about the theatre and about theatrical cartoons for kids of all ages. This library is I Vicolo San Satiro 6, Tel 045.8001471.

The AIDA Foundation also organises a summer festival entitled “Art in the Courtyards” (L’Arte in Corte) in collaboration with the Verona City Council, held in Corte Molon, Via della Diga 17 (the area along the river called the Lungadige Attiraglio). These performances include cabaret shows, music and prose , but more than anything else, fairy tales and lots of stories. For further information Tel. 045.8001471

The association called A Moving Point (Punto in Movimento) is based in Vicolo Madonina 9, Tel and fax 045.591821, from where they organise shows for children. If you enrol in the association (for a very modest sum) this entitles you can go to all their performances..
Further info: www.shiftingpoint.com,
e-mail info@shiftingpoint.com

The New Theatre (Teatro Nuovo) èis extremely important in Verona. It is situated in the city centre, and in collaboration with theAlcione Cultural Associationthe new Theatre organises theatrical and cinema events inspired by the works of Shakespeare. Look out for Dal teatro alla città, (From the theatre to the city) which is a series of itinerant street performances lasting a couple of hours and using traditional Shakespearian settings. However, if you are more interested in other authors you will find that there are numerous performances of works by other classical and contemporary writers: the festival is entitles “Not only Shakespeare” " Non solo Shakespeare".
For information about the New Theatre (Teatro Nuovo) and its various projects try visiting their site www.teatrodiverona.it.

The Associazione Le Fate (The Fairies Association) organises a variety of intercultural projects which are highly suitable for children, and include performances, games and parties of all kinds. For info: Via Felice Cavallotti 10, Via Quinzano 22, Tel. 045.8347950.

“The puppet theatre Mondo Piccino (A Small World) organises performances under the name “Baracca e Burattini that will send your imagination wild. What you had only dreamt of will true when you see the heroes from your favourite stories, and many, many more. To find out more click here. clicca qui.

Here below are the names of the most important theatre companies in Verona. These are not specifically for children, even though young people will doubtless find their performances very interesting:

Verona Summer Theatre SeasonThis is a world famous summer festival of prose, music and dance performances organised by the Verona City Council, and held in the magical setting of the Roman Theatre. Tel.045.8077201
Tel. 045.8077201 
e-mail estateteatrale@comune.verona.it

The Grand Theatre is a theatre season organised by the Verona City Council and held during the winter at the New Theatre (Teatro Nuovo), Piazza Viviani 10, Tel 045.8077201 serviziinternet.comune.verona.it/grandeteatro
e-mail spettacolo@comune.verona.it

The Camploy Theatre (Teatro Camploy)is a council-owned theatre that offers a rich calendar of performances by amateur thetre groups and dance companies. Via Cantarane 32, Tel 045.800818/8009549 fax 045.8009558
e-mail teatrocamploy@comune.verona.it

Music for my ears !
Verona boasts an important musical tradition, and is famous throughout the world for its lyric season. Regularly every summer a new lyric opera programme is unveiled, boasting directors and singers of worldwide fame. If you want a real thrill, then you too can light your own little candle at the beginning of the performance, following the local custom, and you will see the spellbinding Roman Arena as you have never seen it before! For information about the Arena Foundation of Verona (Fondazione Arena Verona) contact: Via Dietro Anfiteatro 6/B, Tel. 045.8005151 fax 045.8013287
Per informazioni Fondazione Arena di Verona via Dietro Anfiteatro 6/B, Tel. 045.8005151 fax 045.8013287 www.arena.it
e-mail ticket@arena.it
The Fondazione Arena also organises other important musical festivals at the Philharmonic Theatre (Teatro Filarmonico), which is just next to Piazza Brà in the very centre of the city. The Theatre was designed in the early 1700’s by the architect Francesco Galli, known as “The Bibiena”. He was so famous and accomplished that he was considered at that time to be the “universal architect for theatres” Via dei Mutilati 4/K Tel 045.8002880/592544 fax 045.8013266

Ti segnaliamo, inoltre, alcune istituzioni che hanno inserito nella propria programmazione attività musicali per i più piccoli.

“The F.E.Dall’Abaco” State Academy of Music (Conservatorio Statale di Musica “F.E.Dall’Abaco” Headship in Via Massalongo 2, Tel. 045.8009133 fax 8009018. Fairy tales put to music are organised in April for students and are open to the public (advanced booking only) Tel. 045 8002814. www.conservatorioverona.it
e-mail abaco@conservatorioverona.it

The Friends of Music Association (Associazione Amici della Musica)During the winter season this association organises concerts of classical music open to everyone. For further information Teatro Nuovo Tel 045.8006100 and for bookings Box office Via Palone 12/a, Tel 045.8011154 (9.30-12.30 and 3.30 – 7.30pm) Per informazioni Tel. 045.8006100 e per prenotazioni Box Office Pallone 12/A, Tel. 045.8011154 (9.30-12.30 e 15.30-19.30)

The Association of Choral Groups (Associazione Gruppi Corali A.G.C) organises various events dedicated to children. Their address is: Stradone Porta Palio 54/A, Tel. 045.8740104 e-mail
e-mail agcverona@libero.it

Finally…. If you arecoming here to visit us in September, then remember to check the date of the final evening of the Festivalbar, the famous musical competition whose winners are announced right here in the Roman Arena in Verona. To find out more: http://www.festivalbar.it/

What’s on at the cinema?
Click here and you can choose your favourite film, find out where the cinema is and how to get there, as well as the times of showings and the cost of tickets.

Civic Museums, Historical Monuments and Permanent Collections
The Verona City Council has been committed to making the most of the city’s cultural and artistic resources for some time. A number of major cultural events have been organised with this in mind, and the City Council is constantly striving to sustain efforts that endeavour to, and succeed in making its museums as enjoyable and as accessible as possible to the public. Over the past few years a series of exhibitions and laboratories dedicated to young children and their families have been organised for this reason, and also so as to make the most of our museums as part of our cultural heritage. One of our most successful programmes has been Museinsiemewhich means “Museum-together” and was much appreciated by the general public who were encouraged to get to know the less-well-known and less-visited museums. Throughout the school year, a special visitors offer for all the civic museums was organised for Sundays when it is easier for families to take part in activities all together.
The seven museums which participated in the programme (The Natural History Museum, The Archaeological Museum in the Roman Theatre, The Maffeiano Museum, The Fresco Museum, Castelvecchio Museum, The Palazzo Forte Modern Art Gallery, The International Photographic Centre at the Scaligera Excavations)For the past 8 years between October and May, on the second Sunday of each month, families have been able to buy a special low-priced entrance ticket (a family being a group of from 1 and 4 people) valid for all seven of the above museums. Throughout those Sundays the seven museums also organise a full programme of guided tours and special activities at no extra cost for family ticket holders. Each year the activities change, and in the past have included theatre workshops, photography laboratories, introductory lessons in artistic appreciation and much, much more. These are especially organised with a variety of age groups in mind, as are the guided tours, so that groups of adults and separate groups of children can familiarize themselves with the museums even if their interests are quite different.
You can find all the information regarding these educational activities organised by the museums at their web site www.didamusei.it
Iwhile the museums themselves and all the historical monuments in Verona are presented in the site serviziinternet.comune.verona.it/
together with their opening times and ticket prices (children under 7 years old don’t have to pay!!)

Other Museums...
We would also like to point out that there are other interesting museums here in Verona, such as The Historical Railway Museum, il Museum of Period Radios and the African Museum.

Books for everyone!!!!
There are a number of libraries in Verona offering activities for children and teenagers. Try consulting the City of Verona web site sbu.comune.verona.it/home.html. You can also find the Veronese Bibliographic Archive atabv.comune.verona.it and the Public Libraries and Verona Library Systems at www.arceva.it/bibliotecheinrete.htm.

Altri laboratori didattici di gioco con l'arte
These are happenings which are especially created in order to introduce children to the world of art, so that they can get to know each other and play together. Here are some activities that you can take part in – even for just one day.o:

The various City Boroughs organise a number of events for children. If you would like to participate in a fun afternoon session then click here. One we can highly recommend is the Ludoteca organised by the Fourth City Borough in Via Mantovana 66, Tel 045.954784 where there are cartoon laboratories and toy-building sessions. (open from Monday – Thursday afternoons and alsoTuesday and Thursday mornings)
Here are some other private Associations which organise interesting cultural activities!

The Mosaic Association Il Mosaico in Via Zeila 4/D, Tel 045.972652 (from Monday – Friday, book in advance), www.ilmosaico.com: : short laboratories, but especially music courses, with games (3-5 years old) or percussion courses (6-10 years old) and even psychomotility courses or game and movement laboratories (3-7 years); colour laboratories, and relaxation – for handicapped children as well.

Cre Arte Cre Arte means Creative Art, and is an artistic laboratory which offers three separate courses (from October to June) for children between 6 and 10 years old. They also organise courses for children between 4 and 7 which teach music through singing. /C/SS-La Corte dei Bambini, in Via Villa 12, Tel. 045.8344643

The Laboratory follows the method of “playing with art” and involves children in a number of games based on simple rules and logic, which then develop into highly personalised and original voyages of discovery where they discover the language of art in a creative and enjoyable way. These laboratories are structured for children from the age of 4 upwards. They last about two hours and can be conducted in English if required. The cultural association Il Laboratorio is in Piazza San Zeno 6/a, Tel 045.8011169

Villa Buri This villa is not far from the historical city centre, but is in the heart of the countryside, near the banks of the river Adige. Educational laboratories and creative meetings are included in their programme. For further information: Associazione Villa Buri onlus, Via Bernini-Buri 99, San Michele Extra (VR), Tel 348.4551407 www.villaburi.it

If you would like to get to know our city even better, discovering its numerous secrets then you can always go to the association of authorised tourist guides.
This is their address if you want to book an unforgettable tour! A.G.T.A. Via Da Mosto 7, Tel and fax 045.8101322

A.G.T.A. via Da Mosto 7, Tel. e fax 045.8101322 www.veronacityguide.it
e-mail veronaguide@katamail.com

Guide Center Lungadige Porta Vittoria 23, tel and fax 045.8018175 www.turismoverona.it
e-mail guide@turismoverona.it

Ippogrifo Via Roncisvalle 76, Tel 045.8278959 fax 045.8278960
e-mail news@infoverona.it

Juliet & Co via Case Ferrovieri Porta Nuova 1, Tel. e fax 045.8103173 www.julietandco.com
e-mail mariapia@easynet.it

There are also other associations which organise cultural activities to promote the quality of tourism in Verona. Here are some addresses:

Associazione Chiese Vive (Living Churches Association) corte S. Elena-piazza Duomo 35, Tel. 045.592813 fax 045.8021469 http://www.chieseverona.it

Associazione Culturale La Città Nascosta (Cultural Association: The Hidden City in Verona) Sezione di Verona via Leoncino 13, Tel. e fax 045.8009086 http://www.cittanascosta.com/verona_index.htm
e-mail cittànascosta@libero.it

Centro Turistico Giovanile Verona (Verona Youth Tourist Centre) via Santa Maria in Chiavica 7, Tel. 045.8004592

FAI Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano
via Sciesa 11, Tel. 045.597981 www.fondoambiente.it

Italia Nostra Verona (Our Italy – Verona) via Mantovana 83/E, Tel. e fax 045.953399 www.italianostravr.it
e-mail itnosvr@tin.it

Touring Club Italia via Valverde 75, Tel. 045.595697
U.n.e.s.c.o. Centro Verona piazzetta Eufemia 1, Tel. 045.592969