When we set out to discover a new city together with the kids, it is always a good idea to involve them in the organisation of the trip right from the beginning, showing them photos of the places they are going to be visiting together, and maybe even showing them a topographical map that will convey how beautiful Verona is, and will also help them to find their way around. Try not to overload every day spent here with too much sightseeing: leave the children time to play in one of the parks or squares. We should try to be as flexible as possible so as to give them a break between one thing and another. Really young children are going to want toys and play-books to stop them from getting bored in the car or when they have to queue to enter a museum. And always dress for comfort, remembering that comfortable shoes are vital if you want to get to know the city! A good way to avoid “losing” a child is to make sure they’ve got their name and yours written on a piece of paper and kept in their pockets all the time. You could also add your local address where you are staying as well as your mobile phone, and maybe even the phone number of a relation at home.
Verona is only too happy to welcome any of man’s best friends, which means that dogs, cats and any other pets are our guests too. Do remember however to respect other people, other things, and the city in general by not making our beautiful city either dirty or untidy. Come prepared with a dustpan or plastic pooch-bags to throw their waste in the bin. There are grassy areas especially for dogs all over the city – the one in the historical city centre is in Via Lega Veronese. Bringing children into contact with animals is a very important and meaningful experience, and there are both associations and educational centres which promote various different initiatives and excursions:
LIPU The Italian League for The Protection of Birds via Città di Nimes 16, Tel. 045.8034311
WWF via Oberdan 14, Tel. 045.594872
In Verona there are educational farms and there they will give a warm welcome to anyone who wants to spend a few hours in peace and in contact with nature and animals. You can ask for a free leaflet to the "Fattorie Didattiche" of Verona and the Region by mail or by tel. 041.2795637/2795539. You have also the opportunity to take a look (format zip): Elenco Fattorie Didattiche Regione Veneto. If by chance your pet should unexpectedly need a vet, then you can call the veterinary help line at the “Ordine Medici Veterinari” in Via San Giacomo 5, Tel 045.8201947. On week days they will tell you where your nearest veterinary surgery can be found, while between 8.00pm Saturday and 9.00am Monday their recorded message will give you the phone number of the vet on weekend duty.
Ideally, when travelling with children it is best to take a small supply of the medicines needed to solve their usual ailments. However, in case of need click here for information regarding all the chemists in Verona as well as their opening times..