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The historic city centre of Verona is fairly compact, and so it is easy to visit without having to use your own car. Over the past few years the City Council authorities have encouraged local residents to limit their traffic circulation as much as possible in the city centre so as to reduce the worrying level of fine dust pollution in the air. Hardest hit by this form of pollution are young children and the elderly, and so it is in all of our interests to make a small effort to limit our use of motor vehicles as much as possible knowing that in the end it is our own health – which is our most precious gift – that stands to gain. At certain times of the year when the quality of the air is particularly bad, special measures to further reduce the circulation of private vehicles may be enforced. To find out more before you leaveclick here.
Residents in Verona have understood the importance of these issues, and let’s hope that the citizens of the world who have chosen Verona as their holiday destination will support their commitment as well. You can travel through our city on foot, by bicycle, or even… canoe – all of which give you the chance to soak up all those many small and unforgettable views tucked away between the buildings’ facades and the curves of the river, and which make our city so very unique.

If you would like to have a detailed map of the main parking areas in Verona click here. In Verona you can also find a stopovers for motor homes guarded from 8am to 7pm in via Dalla Bona near railway station further information link. We would also like to point out that in some roads in Verona the “Verona Park” scheme is operational. This consists of a pre-paid ticket/card valid for unattended marked parking places. The ticket is on sale from shopkeepers, tradesmen and places such as tobacconists, newsagents, bars etc. To find out where you can buy them, click here.
Parking spaces reserved for the disabled are outlined in yellow paint, and with horizontal and vertical identifying road markings. Only cars transporting disabled persons holding authorised documentation may use these spaces, and their permits must be displayed in the car..

Avis Autonoleggio S.p.a.
Airport di Verona:
Tel. 045.987571
Verona Porta Nuova Railway station:
tel 045.8006636
Verona via Mantovana:
tel. 045.8622376
Europcar Italia S.p.a.
Airoprt di Verona:
Tel. 045.8600477
Hertz Italiana S.p.a.
Airport di Verona:
tel. 045.8619042
Verona Porta Nuova Railway station:
tel. 045.8000832
Autoservizi Maggiore
Airport di Verona:
tel. 045.8619038 Verona Porta Nuova Railway station:
tel. 045.8032184
Sixt rent a car
Airport di Verona:
tel. 045.8619061

In the city of Verona the public transport buses are orange-coloured and are run by the Azienda Mobilità Trasporti (ATV). Tickets can be bought in tobacconists, bars, and newsagents, and they can be re-used on different buses for up to 60 minutes after their first validation stamp. You have also the opportunity bay a ticket on board to the yellow machine, with an increase of 0,20€ (we advise you bring small coin since the machine does not give change). You can also buy a daily bus pass which allows you to travel on any of the city buses. Children below the age of four do not have to pay for a ticket. Apart from guide dogs for the blind, only small dogs with muzzles may travel on buses.
There are two bus routes in operation with facilities for the disabled: to find out more, phone 045.8871207 before 10 am the day before,, or visit the web site for disable. From ther railway station leaves buses for out of town and extra urban transport ( If you are in a hurry and don’t feel like walking, then you can sit down comfortably tourist bus equipped with headphones (, tel 045.6206842. Through these you can hear a description of the one and a half hour drive around the city explained in either Italian, English, German or French.

24 Hours Radio Taxi Service
via Galilei 9, Tel. 045.532666
24 Hours Service piazza Bra Tel. 045.8004528
24 Hours Service Porta Nuova railway station Tel. 045.8004528
Daytime service at piazza Erbe Tel. 045.8030561
Daytime service at Borgo Trento Hospital Tel. 045.8349511
Daytime service piazzetta San Giorgio Tel. 045.8349510
Daytime service piazza San Zeno Tel. 045.8349500

The Verona City Council has recently instituted a Bicycle Office (Ufficio Biciclette) in their City Hall, situated in Palazzo Barbieri in Piazza Brà. The aim of this is to make people more aware of the advantages of this ecological and enjoyable means of transport. For information, send your e-mail
If you wish to rent a bike you can do so at ) El pedal scaligero piazza Bra (open from April to September) Tel. 333.5367770
The Verona Cycling Club Amici della Bicicletta di Verona organise small trips and interesting excursions….on two wheels. Their head office is in Via Porta San Zeno 15/b, Tel and fax: 045.80044

If you love adventure and are not afraid of water then why not get in touch with the Wind Tex Canoa Club Verona at their address in Corte Dogana 6

They can help you to discover the city from an unusual point of view.