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The site Verona for Kids aims at offering tourist amenities for children and their families. Without claiming to offer an exhaustive supply of information, its aim is that of stimulating young people’s curiosity in a playful and light-hearted context. Every city contains its own secrets, its history and its famous characters: our four itineraries offer children a means to discover all this in a fun way together with their parents! Each one will have the opportunity to personalise their stay in Verona with the help of useful information. Some sections are “only for kids”, who can use our images to personalise the desktops of their own home computers, to send postcards, organise games and pastimes… and much, much more. One of the aims of this site “Verona for Kids” is to make the most of the tourist facilities in and around Verona which have gone out of their way to be as family-friendly as possible, guaranteeing specific amenities and, at the same time…..a bit of fun as well. The section dedicated to places to eat and sleep actually contains a list of these facilities. You will find it easy to find them here in Verona because they are all clearly marked with our site’s logo – namely the hound dog sticker belonging to the city of love!!

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