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Fulvio Roiter


FULVIO ROITER - biography

Fulvio Roiter was born in Meolo (Venice) in 1926.
He began to take photographs at the age of twenty; in 1949 he joined the La Gondola photography club in Venice. Together with Paolo Monti, with whom he had an intense friendship, he discovered foreign authors from the Fotoform group and the works of Hans Hammarskjöld.
In February 1953 he left for his first photographic trip to Sicily, the first of a long series. The publication of some Sicilian photographs in "Camera" in January 1954 marked his debut on the international scene. He was commissioned to realise a book on the Umbria of San Francesco by the Guilde du Livre in Lausanne. Here he was to take four of the most famous photographs of his whole career in the space of a few hours at the beginning of January 1954. Ombrie. Terre de saint-François won the Nadar prize in 1956.

Fulvio Roiter - Sardegna. Pastore sul Gennargentu, 1955
Sardegna. Pastore sul Gennargentu, 1955

Fulvio Roiter - Tunisia. Sidi Bou Said, 1971
Tunisia. Sidi Bou Said, 1971

In spring 1955 he travelled around Sardinia on a motorcycle, while a few weeks later he made his first journey to Andalusia, where he was to return a year later.
In spring 1959 he left for his first journey to Brazil, where he stayed for 9 months, returning several times between 1960 and 1962.
In the winter of 1959 he was working in Belgium; here he met the photographer Lou Embo and they were married a few months later.

, one of his most intense books, appeared in 1963 published by Arcade.
Between 1962 and 1964 he visited Portugal several times to take photographs: Nazarè, a fishing village near Lisbon; Algarve, in the south; Madeira. He began collaboration with Atlantis Verlag, with whom he was to realise innumerable books in the 1970s.
He travelled untiringly, to Persia in 1964, to Turkey in 1965, to Mexico in 1966, to Lebanon in 1967, to Spain in 1969, to Ireland in 1970, to Louisiana and Tunisia in 1971.
Between 1972 and 1974 he discovered equatorial Africa, with a series of trips to the Ivory Coast, where among other things he carried out a famous photographic reportage in a Senufo village; to Zaire, where he photographed the ritual dances of the Watussi and the pigmies of Mount Hoyo; and to Niger, at Agades, the gateway to the desert. His famous photographic books originated from these journeys: to date the most important number more than sixty.


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